The FATRAFOL system will help you become a successful company in your industry. Throughout the existence of the FATRAFOL system, a network comprising hundreds of certified contractors in many European countries has been created. Many of them have built their success on the FATRAFOL system. In the past, it was not exceptional for revenues of our partners to regularly grow by dozens or even hundreds of percent.

Nine reasons to become our certified partner

1. A business with good prospects

In spite of the generally cyclical development of the building industry, the business of waterproofing roofs with polymer membranes demonstrates a relatively stable development and growth potential. FATRAFOL is suitable not only for new buildings but also for reconstruction and renovation projects. Recognising the potential of the roof reconstruction market, we pay due attention to that segment. Green roofs are another growing segment and Fatra offers an appropriate comprehensive system. Surveys conducted by reputable agencies suggest that the global market in roof waterproofing material will continue to grow in the years to come. Polymer products (TPO, PVC) will gain further market share from bitumen products.

2. Major long-established producer

Fatra, a.s. has been present in the waterproofing market for over 50 years. The company has since become one of Europe’s biggest and most important producers of waterproofing membranes.

3. Time-tested product quality

Since their launch into the market, Fatra has sold over 100 million of square metres of waterproofing membranes. In 1956, the first ground waterproofing membranes were installed during the Dobšiná water reservoir construction. Fatra became the first company in the world to apply a PVC membrane in waterproofing a water structure. In 2001, the top layer of the dam was stripped and the membrane inspected. Experts stated that after 45 years of use the membrane bore no signs of major disintegration and was performing an excellent waterproofing function.

4. Product range and development

Fatra specialises in processing plastics. In over 80 years of its existence, Fatra has obtained a wealth of experience in developing various polymer materials as well as end products based on them. The continuous product innovation and development of material formulas allow Fatra to offer a wide range of insulation membranes for versatile use in the building industry.

5. Comprehensive system

The Fatrafol system is designed for use in three areas – roof waterproofing, ground waterproofing and water structure waterproofing (garden ponds etc). A comprehensive system is available for each of these applications, containing the membrane and a wide range of accessories, which makes it possible to perform all waterproofing works.

6. Trading relations

Fatra lays great emphasis on quality and long-term relations with its trading partners. If you become our trading partner, you will enjoy an individual approach and our consistent effort to always meet your requirements.

7. Services and support

Providing support to trading partners and quality services comes as standard at Fatra. Spearheading this effort is the Insulation Studio that offers a wide array of services, the vast majority of which are available to our trading partners free of charge.

8. Installation

Compared to other types of roof coverings, the installation of FATRAFOL membranes is relatively straightforward. A trained fitter with average manual skills can install the products. In comparison with bitumen membranes, the installation of FATRAFOL membranes is significantly faster (only one layer applied instead of two layers of bitumen membranes plus polymer membranes are wider than bitumen ones) as well as cleaner. This will allow you to cover a much larger area with the same amount of people and time, generating more profit for your company.

9. Environment

If you are an environment-conscious company, then Fatrafol polymer membranes will no doubt prove the right choice for you. As evidenced by its ISO 14001 certificate, Fatra, a.s. is an environmentally responsible company. FATRAFOL membranes are recyclable, unlike bitumen they contain significantly fewer oil products and their environmental footprint is approximately six times lower.

When tested by BRE Global for their environmental impact, FATRAFOL membranes received a rating of 0.4 (BRE Ecopoint), which is the lowest value within our segment. This corresponds to rating A+, the best possible result, meaning that FATRAFOL membranes demonstrate the highest environmental friendliness a PVC waterproofing membrane can achieve.


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